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Brahmi is a brain and nervine tonic. Brahmi comes from the Sanskrit word Brahman or the “supreme reality” and that which aids in attaining this knowledge is “Brahmi”.The leaf of Brahmi is identical with the hemispheric section of the brain.It is grown throughout India, mostly in marshy places. It is traditionally used as an Ayurvedic rejuvenative or rasayana particularly for the mind, as it increases mental clarity and brain functioning. Brahmi is especially suitable for students as it enhances the minds ability to learn and to focus. It has an interesting ability to be able to calm the mind while at the same time to invigorate the thinking capacity in a centered, peaceful manner.

  Botanical Name : Emblica Officianalis brahmi
  Family : Euphorbiaceae
  Part used : Fruit
  Effective uses : Overall acts to protect and strengthen the tissues of the body.
Strong Rejuvenator
Provides protection for the liver
Prevents Infection and strengthens the  Respiratory System
Used in the treatment of Diabetes
Enhances mental clarity  

Home Remedies

Dried powder (1/2 tsp) with honey in case of gastritis
Dried powder (1/2 tsp) with tulsi juice in cases of common cold and cough.
Decoction of the powder is used to wash eyes in cases of inflammation.
Dried powder (1/2 tsp) with castor oil and jaggery for liver protection.
Paste of the powder (2tsp) with yoghurt (100ml), application of paste to the scalp, reduces dandruff
Usage in other formulations: Chywanprash brahmi
Triphala Ghrita
Dhatri Lauh



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